The school uniforms can be purchased locally from the T-Shirt Company of Windsor located on Ottawa Street.

Uniform Store: T-Shirt Co of Windsor 

807A Ottawa Street


Uniform Policy – For All Students
All students must wear the school uniform which features an EMBROIDERED school logo.
􀁸 Plain White/Burgundy collared shirt (dress/casual full-buttoned, polo shirt 􀂱 short/long sleeves) with
embroidered school logo
􀁸 Navy Blue pants (Jeans, jogging, sweat pants & shorts are NOT permitted)
􀁸 Navy Blue sweater (sweater vest or cardigan) with embroidered school logo
JK to Grade 5
􀁸 Navy pinafores/jumpers with embroidered school logo, to be worn with navy dress pants (Jeans, leggings, jeggings or jogging, sweat pants are NOT permitted)
􀁸 Girls in Grade 3 must wear hijab beginning in January of the school year.
􀁸 Navy Blue/Burgundy with embroidered school logo sweater
􀁸 2 piece hijab in plain white/navy ONLY (Wrap around hijabs are not permitted)

Grade 6 to Grade 8
􀁸 Navy Abaya with embroidered school logo; uniform abayas are to be worn with plain white shirt/blouse
underneath, and with plain black/navy pants. (Jeans, leggings, jeggings or jogging pans are NOT permitted under the Abaya)
􀁸 2 piece hijab in plain white/navy only (Wrap around hijabs are not permitted)
􀁸 Navy Blue/Burgundy with embroidered school logo sweater

Proper school uniform also connotes proper grooming and personal appearance (including matters/issues
of clothing style, hairstyle, and jewellery) which is to be in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah.
Regarding hairstyles, especially with boys, there should be absolutely no Mohawk haircuts, faux-hawk haircuts,
spiked hair, ducktail hair, hair tails, and/or coloured/dyed hair of any variety. Any hairstyles or haircuts not in
accordance with the tenets of Qur’an and Sunnah are not permitted for students whatsoever.

No jewelry or accessories are permitted to be worn other than a wrist watch and pant belts. Earrings are only
permitted on girls 􀂱 only stud earrings are permitted.

No designs, logos, writings, or slogans are permitted on any article of clothing to be worn during the instructional
day, other than the school logo.

All clothing will be clean, crisp, ironed and students must always arrive to school looking neat.
Regarding footwear, all students must wear socks and closed shoes throughout the year. Sandals and open-toed shoes
are not permitted. Platform and high-heeled shoes are not permitted. As winter footwear becomes necessary, outdoor
winter shoes and separate indoor shoes are mandatory.