Faculty & Staff

An-Noor School Staff

ANPS hires experienced, qualified, and professional teaching faculty at every level. Our school administrators and teaching staff are often described as: passionate, dedicated, extremely hard-working, caring, enthusiastic, and the best at what they do, mashaAllah.

“An-Noor is like my second family. I love the staff and the students. What I like most about An-Noor is that everyone does their work with Ihsan, and I am happy to be part of such great people.” H.O., ANPS

Administrative Staff:


  • Mrs. A. Behiry

Administrative Assistant

  • Mrs. T. Daher

Academic Staff:


  • Ms. A. Aris
  • Ms. F. Al Basith

Junior Kindergarten

  • Ms. H. Misbah
  • Ms. E. Elmosleh

Senior Kindergarten

  • Mrs. Buhlaiga
  • Ms. H. Mokdad

Grade 1:

  • Ms. H. Mrouwe

Grade 2

  • Ms. R. Bazzi
  • Ms. F. Shahbaz

Grade 3

  • Ms. D. Al Masalkhi
  • Ms. L. Atieh

Grade 4

  • Ms. L. Khalek

Grade 5

  • Ms. H. Mehdi

Grade 6

  • Ms. A. Zabalawi

Grade 7

  • Mr. T. Javaid

Grade 8

  • Ms. N. Abdulkhalek

Arabic Teachers

  • Mrs. H. Hanafy
  • Ms. R. Nada
  • Mrs. S. Sedky

French Teacher

  • Madam N. Haidar

Support Staff

  • Ms. F. Elmosleh
  • Ms. L. Ali
  • Ms. N. Ebead